Nostalgias (sextet)

Composer: Juan Carlos Cobián | Lyricist: Enrique Cadícamo | Arranged by: Korey Ireland




08 Nostalgias
160 kBit/s
3.6 MiB

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4 thoughts on “Nostalgias (sextet)”

  1. Thank you so much for your generosity Korey in sharing all of these wonderful arrangements, I was looking for this song Nostalgias for Piano, Violin and Voice to sing here in Australia, I am very grateful to you
    with thanks
    Andonia xox

  2. Lieber Korey,
    es existiert laut deiner Webseite eine Vocalversion, aber es ist keine Singstimme dabei. Hättest du bitte die Noten für Gesang für mich?
    Danke! Claudia

  3. Hello Korey,
    I was looking for un arrangement of Nostalgias and I found your website !
    I really want to thank you for sharing all your arrangements, I play in a quinteto de tango (violin, clarinet / bass clarinet, bandoneon, piano, contrabass) and it’s a real chance for a band of amateur musicians like ours !
    Muchas Gracias !

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