7 New Arrangements!

Happy New Year! It’s been awhile since we’ve updated the site and we’re starting the new year with a great bunch (7 in total!) of new charts for the Community Tango Orchestra network. First, we’re slowly building a tanda of Demare vocals. Malena and Una Emocion have been part of the repertory for years, El Pescante came online last year, but without any special announcement, and now No Te Apures Carablanca joins the collection! The Berlin Community Tango Orchester recently added another, similarly iconic vocal tango to our repertory, Que Falta Que Me Haces (Calo/Podesta). We’re happy to add this to the community library. Both of these arrangements are still in there first version, and if you find inaccuracies or notation issues, please let us know.

In addition to the vocals, there are a couple new instrumental charts (El Monito – Pugliese version, Este Es El Rey – D’Arienzo) and I’m including the rest of the Tuba Tango tanda (Rodriguez Peña and a TubaTango arrangement of 9 de Julio). Each of these will get its own post in coming days, but we wanted to let our growing network of users know about the new charts right away. We want to continue adding arrangements and other resources to the site, if you’d like to support this effort, please consider contributing!

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