New Arrangement: Quejas de Bandoneon!

This one has been a while in the making!  Quejas de Bandoneon is something of a landmark piece.  For me it’s strongly connected to the orchestra of Anibal Troilo (who’s 1944 recording you can here below), though there are countless great versions, by nearly every prominent orchestra.  This dramatic tango was originally composed in 1918 by Jaun de Dios Filiberto and includes some novel formal and compositional characteristics for that time.  The trio section with its lyrical line in the lower register is to my knowledge the first of its kind, and the Triolo version, sharing the line between bandoneon in the piano’s left hand, does a marvellous job of highlighting this feature.  The variation is also among the most memorable (and rather challenging).  I’m told the 40’s arrangement for Troilo was done by a young Astor Piazzola, if anyone has further info about this, please get in touch ?.

Meanwhile, enjoy the new chart. (you must be logged in to download).

11 Quejas De Bandoneon
160 kBit/s
3.0 MiB

(PS, the flute part was created to adapt to an ensemble that had 2 violins and flute, so it is quite related to the violin 3 part and naturally not part of the original Troilo version).

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